I'm happiest when barefoot and outdoors. When I'm not behind a camera you can find me swinging summer away on our front porch swing, playing in the creek with our daughter, or singing along to the radio. I'm a "first person on the dance floor", outgoing, Croc rockin', equestrian wanna-be, wife and mama. Around here it's all about that simple life, and I embrace that to the fullest - that small town feel type of lovin'. If you're in love like a George Strait song, you've found the right photographer.  

Pizza lover.

Wine sipper.


years serving the heck out of my couples

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clients plant their roots here, we grow together

clients plant roots here, we grow together

Maybe it’s because I spent a good part of my childhood in front of my mom’s 35mm film camera, or maybe it's because I spent so much time flipping through old photo albums as a child... Whatever is was, I'm glad it brought me here, and I'm glad you're here with me.

Photography has been a passion of mine for so long, but this journey has never been about just me... It’s about YOUR moments, YOUR love, and everything else in between.

It’s stealing that “we did it!” kiss after walking back down the aisle. Your grandparents winning the anniversary dance. The soft smell of your new baby’s skin. The sound of little feet running on the hardwood to your bedroom every Saturday morning. The way he still thinks you're the most beautiful woman ever, 2-day-old mom bun hair and all. 

Your time in front of my camera will feel more like play and less like work -- it's more than a "look at the camera" experience... With plenty of direction, we'll flow seamlessly through poses, creating authentic images with genuine smiles, while capturing all the small moments I know you want to savor for a lifetime.

You ever just feel called to do something… like you were born with it in your heart? 

You ever just feel called to do something?

like you were born with it in your heart?

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